How To Strategise Your Next Move

If the interview did not go as planned, take a moment before you start reapplying to other jobs. It is crucial to deliberate why the interview did not pan out the way you had imagined.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself, and gauge what to do differently the next time.

1. Ask for feedback:

The easiest way to find where you went wrong is to ask. The recruiter will almost always have feedback that can help you. This also goes to show that you are open to feedback and a keen learner and the hiring manager will remember this the next time they are shortlisting candidates.

2. Don’t start reapplying without direction:

Frantically applying to jobs where you do not fit the role will only make the situation more disheartening. If a company is on the lookout for ten years of experience and you currently have two, it is not a position that you should apply to. Deliberate where to apply– keeping in mind your experience and expertise is crucial. Highlight stories relevant to the experience they’re looking for, instead of highlighting what you think are the biggest achievements.

Let’s find out here what you should do after the first two steps are out of the way.

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