Is AI Making Social Media Better or Worse?

Scrolling through social media has become second nature for all of us.

We don’t even realise it when our hand goes to our phone and we open the same 3-5 apps we opened 10 minutes ago.

The algorithms are tireless but make the content we consume lifeless.

As if we didn't consume enough content already, AI has made it even easier to produce more, flooding our feeds with AI-generated social media posts, making it harder for anyone to stand out.

While AI algorithms are playing a role in streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency, when it comes to content creation, it's the human touch that sparks authenticity and cuts through noise to help you connect with your audience on a deeper level.

First Phase: Find Your Voice: Be Human in a World of AI

Second Phase: Embrace Authenticity

The Human Advantage: Being human is more advantageous than ever now. Amid the increasing noise of automated content, authenticity is the sole differentiator.

Remember, AI is with everyone. Whether it's ChatGPT, Google, Bing, or another 1000 free tools, they're all just a click away. Recognizing the value of storytelling strategies in content creation is key to achieving success in today's digital landscape. Whenever you create your own resume or write something about yourself, the only thing that makes it unique is your personal touch. It helps you build trust, forge connections, and ultimately, win over your audience.

Third Phase: AI + Human: The Winning Formula

The Strategic Touch: In the AI era, companies will seek efficiency through technology, and rightfully, it has a cost benefit. However, being human in the age of AI will become a crucial differentiator. Those who realize that the personal touch is now a strategic advantage will be the winners going forward. The emphasis on author experience at Medium aligns with the need for credible, firsthand insights into content creation.

The Storytelling Engine: Remember that the best stories originate from authentic experiences. So before you “prompt” an AI tool, just think about your unique journey, vulnerabilities, and expertise and you will have enough stories to build on for your content creation.

The takeaway- AI Curates, Humans Approve:

As you integrate AI into your toolkit, keep authenticity at the forefront. The future will see a lot of content on social media, and most of that content will not be worth consuming, so it will affect our ability to connect on a human level and engage audiences.

This overstimulation risks hindering our ability to engage audiences on a human level, something only Creators (the new CEOs!) can effectively achieve. As the future of business lies in personal brands, those who master the art of authentic storytelling and genuine connection will thrive.

So keep AI as a productivity assistant and not a replacement.

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