Things to consider before negotiating salary in an interview

Salary is a critical topic of discussion in any interview. The correct time to bring up the topic may depend on the nature of the job and interview process.

Pre-screening round: Many hiring managers take note of salary expectations in the pre-screening round.

End of the interview process: If you haven't been asked about your salary expectations even after the whole interview process, you may also bring up the topic at the end of the conversation.

For instance, you can ask them “Can you please provide a rough estimate of the salary range you are offering for this position?”. With preparation and belief in your own value, you will be able to negotiate the salary whenever the topic comes up.

Here’s how you can prepare to negotiate your salary:

Do your research

Before your interview, it is important to know your worth. Do your research to know what salary range is typically offered for similar job roles as yours or what other companies are offering in your industry. You can look up online on crowdfunding sites to check the salary range. Some of the examples where you can see salary information are Glassdoor, Indeed, PayScale, etc. Once you have a good understanding of the salary range, you will be able to negotiate effectively with potential employers.

Reach out to industry experts

In addition to researching salary ranges online, you can also reach out to industry professionals, and recruiters who are experienced and have expertise. You can engage in a conversation with them to get an idea about what responsibilities are there in a certain job role and what package suits them best with it. You can reach out to experts on LinkedIn or other professional networking platforms. You can also connect with current/ former employees of the company to know the work culture of the company as well as the salary details.

Know your worth

It is important to get the pay you deserve and for that, it is essential to know what is the salary rate for the position as per the industry standard in your country. When having a salary discussion, negotiate with numbers that are justified and never be at the mercy of the hiring manager. Don’t hesitate to decline the job if you are being offered too less for your experience and skills.

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