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From Personal Branding To Dream Spot in IIMB

In the age of AI, the ability to articulate one's career narrative with clarity and authenticity remains crucial.

This case study explores how our unique  approach helped a tech expert to craft a compelling personal statement for her MBA applications.

Client Background:

Our client, an experienced technology expert, has been with BYOB for a year building her brand on LinkedIn. She highly appreciated our personal branding approach, especially the debrief after her third renewal and what she fondly referred to as the "Discovery Sheet," which helped her streamline her career narrative.

Client Requirement:

Initially, this process was used to refine her LinkedIn profile (6-7 months prior). However, when she needed to craft a Statement of Purpose (SOP) for her MBA applications (both global and Indian), she found the "Discovery Sheet" and storytelling techniques incredibly helpful.


Crafting an authentic and impactful SOP requires a deep knowledge of past achievements, future aspirations, and a clear connection between the two. While this process was initially designed for professional branding, the client identified its potential for crafting impactful SOPs.

BYOB Approach:

The client leveraged BYOB's expertise and the Discovery Sheet to:

Structure Achievements: She identified and organised key accomplishments throughout her career.

Connect to Vision: By linking these achievements to her long-term goals and future vision, she set a clear direction for her professional path..

Dig Deep: BYOB's process, inspired by Rohan's method of tracking achievements using Google Drive, allowed for a thorough exploration of her career experiences.

Onboarding and Ghostwriting Support: Building on the groundwork laid by the Discovery Sheet, we offered onboarding guidance and expert ghostwriting assistance to help her express her ideas effectively for the Statement of Purpose (SOP).


This comprehensive approach helped our client to craft a compelling and authentic SOP that resonated with the admissions committees.  The clarity and authenticity of her narrative contributed to her successful application process at IIMB.

By telling her story in a real and engaging way, she not only boosted her professional brand but also opened doors to new opportunities she'd never imagined. That's the power of a good story in today's tech-driven world!

Disclaimer: Please note that all client details mentioned in this case study are kept confidential to respect their privacy and business interests

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