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Hospitality Veteran Secures Speaking Opportunity on National Platform

This case study explores how we helped a seasoned hospitality professional, achieve her goal of securing national speaking opportunities.

Client Background:

Our client with whom we partnered 11 months ago has an extensive 15+ years of experience in the hospitality industry. Her expertise spans events, hospitality management, and large-scale venue operations, both from an operational and revenue generation perspective.

Client Requirement:

Our client wanted to establish a strong personal brand on LinkedIn. She desired to secure speaking opportunities at conferences and events to further elevate her profile and share her insights with a broader audience.


Many industry professionals, particularly those new to the public speaking, struggle to get speaking opportunities. Even though our client had valuable expertise, gaining credibility and connecting with the right event organizers was a hurdle.  (This aligns with a common request we receive from many of our clients)

BYOB Approach:

We understood the need for a more proactive strategy. Over the course of 11 months, instead of waiting for opportunities to come knocking, we collaborated with our client to strategically craft and amplify her industry experience through various digital channels:

  • Content Creation: Our team of experienced ghostwriters developed a series of engaging LinkedIn posts showcasing her extensive knowledge in hospitality, event management, operations, and revenue generation.
  • Consistent Visibility: By keeping her presence active and prominent on LinkedIn, we ensured that her voice remained at the forefront of industry conversations, establishing her as a reliable source of expertise.


Through a strategic and collaborative approach, our client witnessed impressive results within just nine months:

  • Month 6: She received prestigious recognition at a renowned industry award ceremony in North India, affirming her growing influence and credibility within the hospitality sector.
  • Month 9: Our client was invited as a guest speaker at a national event, where she shared valuable insights on the learnings from the G20 summit, further solidifying her position as a thought leader on a broader stage.

Disclaimer: Please note that all client details mentioned in this case study are kept confidential to respect their privacy and business interests

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