Are you an active Job Seeker?

We design your profile from a hiring manager's point of view.

ATS Friendly Resume Sample

Recruiters typically spends less than 6 seconds reading a resume


One-page, ATS-friendly, readable, and Structured Resume for all experience levels


A crisp, keyword-rich LinkedIn headline that gets noticed by your ideal clients


A concise, yet compelling summary of your professional identity highlighting your skills, areas of expertise as well as who you are and what people can expect from you

Video Resume Script

89% of recruiters prefer a video resume


A 30-second elevator pitch that is concise, compelling, and adds value to your job application. Use it to record your video resume and stand out from the competition.

Interview Icebreakers (IIB)

77% of hiring managers are inclined towards soft skills


Watch On :


A pre-interview refresher that highlights the key points you should focus on during your interview. Watch the video to know more

Do you want to invest in your personal brand?

We do a 360° professional and personal debrief.

Ghostwriting content Sample

75% of all internet users trust a person's online brand


Thoughtfully crafted and engaging content that highlights your professional and personal experiences, allowing you to be perceived in the way you desire.


71% of users remember and trust those they engage with on social media

Personalized and thoughtful comments that add value and build relationships.

Blog writing

Thought leadership is built with a holistic presence across platforms


High-quality content that is well-researched, valuable, and credible, tailored to your specific needs and goals, to help you establish yourself as a thought leader.

Interested in both?

An all-inclusive package to incorporate your job-seeking and personal branding needs.